Company Mission & Core Offerings

At Yoga Shelter, our mission is to promote the wellbeing of individuals, inspire more great leaders, and uplift the communities where Yoga Shelter studios operate. Our teachers are authentic and well-trained yoga professionals who teach a consistent and inspired yoga offering in beautiful community-oriented studio spaces.

At Yoga Shelter studios, our core offering is a heated vinyasa-style practice.  We also offer a Hatha-based slow flow-style practice, as well as Yin yoga. Our studios are heated to 80 degrees, 85 degrees, and 90 degrees to provide a safe, therapeutic, and cleansing experience. We never overheat our students - but rather provide them the opportunity to go deeper into their yoga practice with the support of gentle heat and intelligent guidance from the teacher.  

Company Core Values

  1. Leadership - We believe that each community member has the potential to become a leader.
  2. Education - We encourage and provide opportunities for continued education for staff and students.
  3. Community - We Inspire a feeling of fellowship with others, as a result of sharing common attitudes, interests and goals for creating a more peaceful place for all (starting with our own yoga practice on the mat and taking it off the mat).
  4. Passion & Spirit - We teach from our hearts and are animated and enthusiastic about our signature offerings at YS.
  5. Integrity - We are honest, respectful and apply high ethical standards in business. We put people first and communicate directly with love and respect.
  6. Excellence - We strive to provide the highest quality heated yoga practice and continue to evolve, listen and apply constructive feedback (when appropriate) to serve our students.
  7. Authenticity - We are real people with problems, joy, sorrow, love, hardships and everything inbetween. We aim to be powerful leaders without placing ourselves or anyone else on a pedestal. We love yoga bc/ it helps strip away the shield and uncovers our raw true selves - this is what we aim to share.
  8. Engagement - We make it our mission to be fully present, awake and observant while working at Yoga Shelter. Engaging fully with our students is our top priority while at work and we aim to leave our own “life stuff” at home so that students feel cared for and truly seen.