Partner/Acro Workshop with Josh and Krysta

This class is taught by:

Josh Rea

Aloha! Loosely translated is a greeting which means peace, compassion and mercy.
I took my first yoga class with my high school hockey team in 2003 as a way to prevent injuries, and cultivate greater focus on and off the ice. Over 10 years later it seems like the more I know about the practice of yoga, the less I know.
We can literally shape our future through breathing techniques, alignment of mind/body, and by shifting our focus.
My favorite personal mantra: I am the auspicious one. The bringer of peace. The changer of worlds. (Mudras included)
Stop on by, we have mats and you can wear whatever you want, although athletic clothing is recommended. Whether it's your first time or trillionth time, all I ask is you approach class with a beginner's mind.
Help make a positive impact on the world from the inside out!
In this partner workshop we will blend partner yoga techniques with basic acro yoga and message. Great for couples, families, friends or simply connecting with your community. This workshop is open to all levels and invites attendees to connect with each other and themselves. Working with partner assisted postures you will be sure to find something fun to take home.