Restorative and Journaling Workshop with Dana Falsetti

This class is taught by:
In this workshop, Dana will offer a Q+A after sharing her story and thoughts, and take the class through some journaling practice. Once the journaling portion ends, she will lead you through a healing, restorative practice. Do not assume restorative is easy or easier than a fiery vinyasa class. For many, stillness, quiet, having to simply “stay” can be the hardest part of practice. Come enjoy a supportive community of like-minded people, sharing in struggle and triumph and every moment in between, and experience the moments of peace in between the clutter and chatter of your own inner dialogue. This workshop is open to all. *For this workshop each student needs a bolster, blanket, two blocks, and a strap.  You can bring a pillow to use in place of a bolster.  The studio can provide blocks and straps.
$50 per individual workshop or $140 for the weekend series (3 workshops)