Building Blocks for Inversions with Dana Falsetti

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In this workshop, Dana will share her story with you and then break down inversions like headstand, forearm balance, and handstand into their fundamental shapes. Most of the focus will be on supported headstand and how to find control. Never been upside before? Have no fear! You'll see that even the most challenging shapes repeat themselves throughout your practice, so you're often working on them without even knowing it. Dana will go into depth about alignment, so you'll be able to maintain a strong and safe practice for years to come. Dana will give you tools for every step of the way so there is no pressure to get upside today or any day. The point is the strength you build in your heart along the way and the patience you learn from putting in the work. This workshop is suitable for ALL LEVELS! Most importantly, you will come to discover that the hardest limits don’t exist in the body, but in the mind.
$50 for single session or $140 for weekend series (3 workshops)