Yoga can help you lose weight

the yoga of physical postures and poses known as asanas, has caught on so much in the U.S. that it’s difficult to find a town that doesn’t have a yoga training studio.

In case your town is behind the times and you’re interested in pursuing yoga for health and mental/emotional equanimity, there are online courses.

Yoga is basically non-aerobic, and unlike strength training, no-pain, no-gain doesn’t apply here. That doesn’t mean it’s effortless. It takes work to get into postures, but one doesn’t tear muscles and ligaments getting into them. Repeated practice with postures and stretches will get you where you should eventually be.

There are even devices or methods of using chairs and walls to help with early struggles with positions due to physical limitations from injury or old age.

In addition to gaining flexibility, natural strength, and good health, yoga can help you lose weight. Various internal organs are strengthened with hatha yoga that promote sustainable natural, gradual weight loss. Especially assured if you eat properly according to yogic principles.

Six ways yoga helps you lose weight

  1. Activate the thyroid gland with the shoulder stand.
  2. Stimulate the gastrointestinal (GI) tract’s vital force.
  3. Activate internal body heat and increase heart rate with the sun salutation.
  4. Natural strength building by working your muscles with balancing poses helps create better metabolism with overall muscular strength without pumping iron.
  5. Flexing the colon will help unclog waste.
  6. The corpse pose is the most underrated and misunderstood all postures.

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