Yoga Poses to Detox Naturally

Detoxes, cleanses, you name it: People love to start each new year with a clean slate. If you are looking to kick off 2013 on a healthy, fresh, positive note, try yoga.

In the practice, each new breath is a new moment: You can re-start any time, all the time. Yoga helps you to remain in the present, moving forward, never looking back.

The right yoga routine can also help you detox your body and mind. Do these poses in order any time you feel like you need a cleansing. This sequence has a bunch of twists to remove toxins, sprinkled in with poses to stimulate digestion and the thyroid gland, build muscle, and get the digestive track moving. As you do these moves, use each inhale to lengthen and each exhale to wring yourself out like a sponge, getting rid of anything you no longer want or need.

  • Wide-legged Forward Fold with Twist
  • High Lunge Twist Repetitions
  • Side-to-Side Chair Twists
  • Side Crow
  • Side Boat Pulses
  • Peacock
  • Bow
  • Seated Twist
  • Plow with Twist
  • Shoulder Stand
  • Supported Headstand with Twist
  • Supine Twist

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