Baby n’ Me Yoga at Royal Oak Studio – August 23, 2013


Friday, August 23rd, 1:30 pm – Yoga Shelter Royal Oak

  • Just for you and your baby ages 3 – 8 months
  • Bring a blanket for the baby, their car carrier, a boppy and anything else the baby may need (feeding, changing, etc.)
  • $20 each baby / guardian

During a time when we need our breath and daily practice the most, it can be the first thing to get scratched off the list while tending to our new baby. Getting a babysitter for a yoga class can feel almost impossible, so this class has been designed to give mom or dad the opportunity to have a short personal practice with baby right by their side. We will take some time for ourselves, then connect with our baby by moving through some postures to do WITH him or her, followed by some baby specific yoga postures designed to help their digestion, sleep and healthy growth. Not to worry if you baby cries or needs to be fed. Space will be available for feeding, changing and a possible unhappy baby.