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Yoga Shelter Partners with Forgotten Harvest.

Giving Season with Forgotten Harvest

Yoga Shelter is pleased to partner this giving season with Forgotten Harvest. Nearly 1 in 6 people and 1 in 4 children still face food insecurity in metro Detroit. This holiday season the Yoga Shelter community will come together to promote food security in metro Detroit.  From December 1-30, as we nourish ourselves through yoga we will partner with Forgotten HaIMG_20151122_083315rvest with special donations classes, new student specials, social media challenges, and existing student donation opportunities in honor of our current members.

 Forgotten Harvest “rescued” over 41 million pounds of food last year by collecting surplus prepared and perishable food from over 800 locations, including grocery stores, restaurants, caterers, food distributors. This donated food, would otherwise go to waste, it is delivered free-of-charge to 280 emergency food providers.

 Our Yoga Shelter community is proud to be a part of helping to nourish the community this season. Yoga Shelter will support Forgotten Harvest in the following ways:

●      Look for Harvey at our studios. Post a photo with Harvey and the #sheltergives and Yoga Shelter will donate $1 to Forgotten Harvest

●      New and existing students who take at least 10 monthly classes in December will have $10.00 donated to Forgotten Harvest in their honor.

●      Each week we will host a donation class for Forgotten Harvest at our studio. All the drop-in proceeds will go to Forgotten Harvest.  5% of the sales proceeds before, during and after the donation class will be donated to Forgotten Harvest.

Check the donation class schedule:
  1. Saturday, December 5- Forgotton Harvest Donation Slow Flow Class with Suzanne in Royal Oak at 9AM
  2. Saturday, December 12- Forgotton Harvest Donation Slow Flow Class with Porchse in Birmingham at 11:15AM
  3. Sunday, December 13- Forgotton Harvest Donation Slow Flow Class with Elaine in West Bloomfield at 11:15AM

De-stress this weekend at Yoga Shelter...

Stress is a constant companion for many of us. With all that comes with our busy lives: technology, kids, school, work, sometimes we neglect the one person that matters—ourselves. There are many ways to eliminate stress, and Yoga Shelter is here to help with yours!
Some people get rid of stress with mind-consuming physical activity. If you’re that type of person, why don’t you join Brittney in her Handstand Workshop in Birmingham? She’ll help you turn your world upside-down and forget about everything you have to do Monday morning. Let the experienced Brittney help you safely see the world from another perspective-literally! This workshop is at 2 PM on Sunday.

If you need something more gentle to relieve your stress, come to West Bloomfield on Saturday and join the incredible Suzanne as she takes you through an Aromatherapy Yin Workshop. The flyer says Sunday, but it’s on SATURDAY November 14th at 1 PM in West Bloomfield. Suzanne will expertly assist you relax with essential oils and a savory Yin practice.

If you’re looking to continue relaxing this Sunday afternoon, or need a great cool-down after Brittney’s Handstand Workshop, join Marty and Kayla as they take you through a Yin class, a guided meditation, and a tea ceremony! Bring a teacup or mug that isn't of sentimental value to you for our sharing circle. During the season of giving, Yoga Shelter is proud to host events like this that not only help people take a closer look inside, but also give them a chance to donate to a wonderful cause. "Giving Thanks: Yin and Meditation With Guided Tea Ceremony" will be on Sunday at 6 PM in Royal Oak. Your $10 donation will go directly to the Oakland County Food Bank.

Scroll down for more details on these events and other upcoming events!

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Inversions Series

4 Part_3-01-01
- Handstands with Brittney Kanan at Birmingham- Sun, Nov 15, 2015 at 2:00 pm - 3:30 pm - Fly & Flow with Brittney Kanan at Birmingham- Sun, Nov 29, 2015 at 2:00 pm - 3:30 pm

Inversions Series

4 Part_3-01-01

Teacher of the Month- Kayla Spray

"I began practicing yoga my second year of college to deal with the immense stress of balancing a full time job and school. Once I developed a consistent practice, I watched my life begin to transform and my anxiety decrease. After graduating from WSU with a BA in Philosophy and Political Science, I decided to attend Yoga Teacher Training. Since then, I have been able to share this practice with a number of students. My classes are intended to be both physically and mentally challenging to allow students to focus their attention inward. I am fortunate to have been given the ability to share this practice with many dedicated students as I continue to grow as a student myself. The practice of yoga is more than a destination - its a life long journey and am honored to share it with such a supportive community."

Kayla will be representing Yoga Shelter and teaching yoga on Oct. 15th at the Healthy People & Planet Wellness Festival!

Please join Kayla and Yoga Shelter at the Healthy People & Planet Wellness Festival at the Royal Oak Farmers Market. The event will offer exhibits, presentations and round-tables promoting healthy, holistic, organic, non-toxic, eco-friendly, natural, sustainable, plant-based, fair trade, alternative and/or green products, services and programs. Enjoy show specials, samples, music, door prizes, yoga, massage, wellness programs, food & drink concessions, and fun activities for all ages. Admission and convenient parking are free. Visit for details.

Venue information:
Royal Oak Farmers Market
316 East 11 Mile Road Royal Oak, M

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September Students of the Month: Sarah and Gayle Lewkow

This mother daughter team is our pick for Students of the Month

Here are their yoga journeys...


"When Suzanne Awan and I first met, there was an instant spiritual connection between us. Shortly after we were introduced, I learned she was a yoga instructor and I felt inspired to check out one of her classes. After attending one class, I immediately fell in love. I started practicing yoga every day, sometimes even 2-3 times a day. I was hooked. Yoga became my happy place. My place of safety, warmth, comfort and acceptance. Since I joined the Yoga Shelter, my practice has lead me on a journey of self-discovery and enlightenment. I have found yoga to be a very powerful tool for personal transformation.
Through yoga, I have established a deeper connection with my breath, mind, body and spirit. I have learned to have more patience with my faults and the shortcomings of others. Sharing this experience with my mother makes my practice even more special. I feel very fortunate to be able to do yoga with my mom as we grow together in our practice."

GAYLE LEWKOW (Sarah’s Mom)

"I have been practicing yoga for over 20 years. My husband, Elliot, and I were one of the very first students enrolled when Yoga Shelter." I LOVE practicing with my daughter, Sarah. I feel her energy, her breathing is extraordinary which inspires and helps keep me focused on the present. She has helped me improve my yoga practice in so many ways. She is diligent about going regularly and we encourage each other to try inversions, to strive to constantly improve and remind each other to take this yoga mindset into our lives off the mat.

I love practicing at Yoga Shelter as the West Bloomfield location is a beautiful Zen-like environment which is very welcoming for old and new members, young and old students. The instructors are knowledgeable, helpful and encouraging. Each instructor has they own style and they vary in their age and approach to teaching. I love the having the option of going to any of the other locations to take classes and experience other instructors. We feel very fortunate to have this home away from home in our backyard!"


Sarah & Gayle

The essence of Yoga Shelter

Today Yoga Shelter enters a new era as a mainstream Yoga company. More than 10 years ago Eric Paskel founded Yoga Shelter and along with Lisa Paskel and Steve Feldman created the largest yoga organization in Michigan. The last 10 years were filled with many exciting developments, new locations and amazing teachers and staff. We would not have made it this far without you. Shortly after opening the first studio in West Bloomfield Michigan, Eric and Steve approached me to become an equity investor and owner in the company which gave me an opportunity to be part of a business concept that is dedicated to the enhancement and enrichment of lives of its customers. During the past 10 years while I had limited contact with our community of teachers, staff and students, Eric and our management team carried the bulk of the burden. We owe our growth of these past 10 years to the efforts and talents of our amazing staff, teachers and management team.
Starting this week we embark on a new phase in the history of Yoga Shelter, a phase without Eric Paskel. Eric is moving forward independently, bringing his many talents and energy to the people of California. Eric’s new studio will be based at the current location of the Yoga Shelter Studio City California location. We want to personally thank Eric for all his inspiration, knowledge and many years of leadership here in Yoga Shelter and wish him great success and personal fulfillment in his new path. His legacy, spirit and creativity will continue to be part of the Yoga Shelter community. In addition we also want to recognize Caren Paskel who was one of Yoga Shelter’s first teachers and went on to help lead teachers training and teacher development. We appreciate her commitment and service and wish her great success in her future endeavors.

Here at Yoga Shelter we are continuing to implement the initiatives we had announced earlier in the year which include the following key areas: Strengthening our training and our teacher support, upgrading our marketing and messaging, embracing new classes and services designed to meet the needs of today’s consumer, improving our web site and on-line resources and lastly, creating an open and collaborative community where ideas and creativity is embraced and welcomed.

Lastly, we want to reiterate our support and trust in our current management team, headed by Michelle King, who is our chief operating officer. Michelle is fully entrusted with the authority to implement our strategy and manage the business. She is a seasoned, accomplished and talented individual with a long-term experience in our field. Porsche Fischer who is fully responsible for our yoga teacher training program, our teacher development and our brand management, is a consummate yoga professional. She has tremendous knowledge and experience in the field of yoga practice and philosophy, training and staff development. Janelle Beauchamp our chief financial officer/controller oversees our business administration and finance. She has served as our assistant controller prior to assuming this new role.

The essence of Yoga Shelter continues to be our commitment to enhancing the lives of our students, be a source of goodness and blessings to the communities we serve and through our efforts and energy to make this world a better place. The values for which we stand are deeply infused into every aspect of our organization. Let there be no doubt that these values continue to be the bedrock on which our future is built.

Warmest Regards,
Hannan Lis and Tzvi Raviv

Yoga Shelter Cares Hosting Homies

unnamed (1)
Join us at Yoga Shelter Royal Oak for a donation only Fusion class with a special class package deal 5 classes for $49 ($25 of each purchase goes to Homies & Downtown Boxing Gym Youth Program). Walk in $20 (all of this will go to Homies) 10% of all other sales go to Homies. Ashley Oshinsky will be leading the class. 7:15-8:15pm. We will have a live DJ (TBA). Snacks will be provided by KIND Snacks thank you Amanda Gyuran!! This is the perfect opportunity to come see what this wonderful yoga community is all about!!

Happy Independence Day from Yoga Shelter


Yoga is a way to freedom for your body and mind. Join us to learn how.