The Evolution of the Yoga Shelter Experience

A Shelter is a place you feel safe. You can easily find peace, serenity and cultivate community with those around you. At Yoga Shelter, we make it our top priority to facilitate a space for practitioners to engage in their own self care process.

At Yoga Shelter, our mission is to promote the wellbeing of individuals, inspire more great leaders, and uplift the communities where Yoga Shelter studios operate. Our teachers are authentic, well-trained yoga professionals who teach consistent and inspiring yoga in a beautiful community-oriented space.

Through the foundation of a heated yoga practice, our yoga offerings create a safe space for self care and cultivate community within our studios. These two elements have always been the core of the Yoga Shelter experience.  

In the Spring of 2017 we will be re-launching our new revamped classes and class schedule. With these core values of community and self care, our offerings are stronger than ever. We are excited for the evolution of the Yoga Shelter experience. Our skilled teachers are very anxious to share this new approach with you. We have created new formats and a refreshed schedule for all of you to delve into, beginning officially April 3, 2017.

The main objective of this change is to provide formats that are technically sound, consistent throughout our studios, and signature to Yoga Shelter.  This is what inspired our new class names.  You will experience key signature elements of our flows. Our classes will be much more consistent throughout our studios, safe and challenging, but will also allow all of our talented teachers to be creative in each class they teach. Some of our teachers are currently implementing the key signature elements of our new formats in our studios now. When you participate in each class at Yoga Shelter, you will leave with exactly the mind and body experience you are looking for.  

We are continuing to be a yoga community which is highly focused on the practice of Vinyasa Yoga and you will be well informed with detailed descriptions of each new format.  In addition, our schedule will also guide you with the former name of the class next to each new class name, so there will be no confusion when you are taking class.  Updated class descriptions will be located on our website ( and in all of our studios.

Following is the planned featured format schedule:

Shelter Strong (vinyasa)
  • Sunday March 5th 10:00am Athleta Somerset 
  • Tuesday March 7th 7:15pm West Bloomfield 
  • Thursday March 9th 9:45am West Bloomfield 
  • Saturday March 11th 9:45am West Bloomfield 
  • Monday March 6th 7:00pm Royal Oak 
  • Tuesday March 7th 6:00pm Royal Oak 
  • Saturday March 11th 4:30PM Royal Oak 
  • Thursday March 9th 4:45pm Birmingham 
  • Friday March 10th 9:45am Birmingham 
  • Saturday March 11th 9:45am Birmingham 
Shelter Steady (slow flow)
  • Sunday March 12th 10:00am Athleta Somerset 
  • Monday March 13th 8:30am West Bloomfield 
  • Tuesday March 14th 8:30am West Bloomfield 
  • Wednesday March 15th 4:45pm West Bloomfield 
  • Thursday March 16th 6:00pm West Bloomfield 
  • Monday March 13th 11:00am Royal Oak 
  • Tuesday March 14th 11:00am Royal Oak 
  • Tuesday March 14th 7:15pm Royal Oak 
  • Saturday March 18th 9:00am Royal Oak 
  • Thursday March 16th 6:00pm Birmingham 
  • Friday March 17th 8:30am Birmingham 
  • Saturday March 18th 8:30am Birmingham 

Shelter Synergy (fusion)
  • Sunday March 19th 10:00am Athleta Somerset 
  • Tuesday March 21st 4:45pm West Bloomfield 
  • Wednesday March 22nd 6:00pm West Bloomfield 
  • Saturday March 25th 4:30pm West Bloomfield 
  • Monday March 20th 9:45am Royal Oak 
  • Thursday March 23rd 9:45am Royal Oak 
  • Saturday March 25th 11:30am Royal Oak 
  • Sunday March 19th 4:00pm Birmingham 
  • Monday March 20th 7:30pm Birmingham 
  • Tuesday March 21st 9:15am Birmingham 

Shelter Still (yin)
  • Sunday March 26th 10:00am Athleta Somerset 
  • Wednesday March 29th 7:15pm West Bloomfield 
  • Monday March 27th 8:30pm Royal Oak 
  • Thursday March 30th 11:00am Royal Oak 
  • Sunday March 26th 5:15pm Birmingham 
  • Wednesday March 29th 11:15am Birmingham