Welcome to the first ever Yoga in the Park for Huntington's Disease!

By Don Peasley

A year ago, when I announced my acceptance to the HDSA Michigan Chapter Board of Directors, I pledged to be vigilant in my efforts to raise awareness, and respectful in my efforts to raise much needed funds.

On the former, I can only wish that everyone finds sometiStock-182149444 (1)hing in their life that gives them the feeling of satisfaction that I have felt as my small team continues to engage those in the HD community, here in Michigan and beyond. Constantly finding ways to help patients and families navigate the many challenges this journey provides, I can’t thank my friends and family enough for the support and strength you have provided. It’s amazing how some of life’s darkest things can produce the brightest lights.

On the latter, in a moment of partial sobriety, I had an idea for a fundraising event, inspired by the Summer Solstice yoga held in Times Square every year, and yes, also by some Jameson’s. Turns out there is a growing awareness of the benefits that yoga provides to those suffering from motion disorders like Parkinson’s, MS and Huntington’s. And, as a caregiver, I know just how powerful 60 minutes of motion and breathing can be at keeping my head in the game.

So, here we go. First-Ever Yoga in the Park event. Thanks to the great partners at the Yoga Shelter, we’re rolling out mats all day on June 17 in Shain Park, Birmingham. 3 Classes, various levels, $25 tax deductible donation, all led by top rate instructors.
Click on the below link to learn more, register, or if you can’t make it, to donate. You can also DM or call me if you have questions.

And even if you can’t make it on the 17th, consider adding a little yoga to your life. It’s changed mine, and my brave wife makes it to her mat twice a week. We’re fighting motion with motion, leading the best lives possible, grateful for every day we get.


Where: Shain Park, Birmingham, MI
Starts: 06/17/2017 @ 11:30 AM EDT

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