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It’s never too late for yoga


Doing yoga at a later age can be a bigger challenge than when you were younger and more pliable. Keeping up with any physical activity for that matter can be quite the hurdle if you don’t take the recommended precautions. As the body ages, it gets less and less flexible, so in order for someone older to get everything out of their yoga workout, they should have a little warm-up session just before. This will allow for them to do all poses that require extended periods of flexion and extension with more ease than if they didn’t warm up.

Not only does yoga give you the benefit of exercise, it also has a wide array of health benefits ranging from helping with one’s posture to preventing cramps for women during their menstrual cycle. As long as you don’t overwork your body or do anything in excess, you can indeed do yoga later in life and enjoy it! Want to get right into it? Get to a class today!