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The perks of doing your yoga in the morning


We all know how much of a pain it can be to get up and get going in the early hours of the day. When it becomes a half-asleep routine similar to that of autopilot,  it’s time for a change. It can be difficult to adjust at first, but adding yoga can really be the perfect start to your mornings. Doing yoga during the morning can prepare you for work and your day, giving you some personal time before anything else comes into play.Collecting your thoughts through morning yoga allows you to gain perspective on daily obstacles, giving you an upper hand on any matter. Instead of caffeine or an energy drink, yoga can have you feeling alive and alert naturally. Not only that, but once you’re done with your morning yoga, your done with your daily workout, and we all know the feeling of accomplishment that comes with that. Yoga Shelter has classes that start as early as 6:00am, but be sure to check what locations offer what times. We hope this has been motivational to you, and who knows, maybe morning yoga is exactly what you’ve been looking for.