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Yoga is a way to freedom for your body and mind. Join us to learn how.

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Do some yoga, you won’t regret it.


We all know that consistently practicing yoga can significantly improve your mind-set and well-being. Bringing these ideologies into everyday life can do great things for one’s psyche and outlook. Here we’ll tell you about several other benefits of doing yoga every day, and how it can improve your lives.

Yoga also helps you keep calm and stay collected throughout your day, and that can have an immediate impact on heart health. Studies have shown that yoga practices such as meditation, certain diet modifications and posture exercises have had a direct correlation with lowering the students’ cholesterol and blood sugar levels over a weeks’ time. Imagine the impact yoga would have over a months’ time? How about six months’ time?


A pregnancy in the family can be a daunting, at times even stressful period. Yoga practice during pregnancy  can help the mother-to-be keep her stress levels down, and in turn keeping her future child’s stress levels down as well, allowing for a nice, stress-free pregnancy and birth. Yoga can also help prepare the mother’s body for the birth itself.

We all know that confidence is key in the bedroom, and keeping yourself in good shape is a big part of that. Yoga helps with this particular problem both directly and indirectly in more ways than you think. First off, just being aware of your body is a crucial component to stress throughout both yoga and your love life. Knowing exactly what you and your body are capable of allows you to be confident and self-assured. Many of the poses that you do in yoga direct your blood flow to the pelvis region of your body – a rather important body part when it comes to your sex drive.

With such a wide spectrum of benefits, why wouldn’t you be doing yoga? Just an hour a day can completely transform your life.  Call today and we can get your journey started!

It’s never too late for yoga


Doing yoga at a later age can be a bigger challenge than when you were younger and more pliable. Keeping up with any physical activity for that matter can be quite the hurdle if you don’t take the recommended precautions. As the body ages, it gets less and less flexible, so in order for someone older to get everything out of their yoga workout, they should have a little warm-up session just before. This will allow for them to do all poses that require extended periods of flexion and extension with more ease than if they didn’t warm up.

Not only does yoga give you the benefit of exercise, it also has a wide array of health benefits ranging from helping with one’s posture to preventing cramps for women during their menstrual cycle. As long as you don’t overwork your body or do anything in excess, you can indeed do yoga later in life and enjoy it! Want to get right into it? Get to a class today!

The perks of doing your yoga in the morning


We all know how much of a pain it can be to get up and get going in the early hours of the day. When it becomes a half-asleep routine similar to that of autopilot,  it’s time for a change. It can be difficult to adjust at first, but adding yoga can really be the perfect start to your mornings. Doing yoga during the morning can prepare you for work and your day, giving you some personal time before anything else comes into play.Collecting your thoughts through morning yoga allows you to gain perspective on daily obstacles, giving you an upper hand on any matter. Instead of caffeine or an energy drink, yoga can have you feeling alive and alert naturally. Not only that, but once you’re done with your morning yoga, your done with your daily workout, and we all know the feeling of accomplishment that comes with that. Yoga Shelter has classes that start as early as 6:00am, but be sure to check what locations offer what times. We hope this has been motivational to you, and who knows, maybe morning yoga is exactly what you’ve been looking for.