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From Teacher Training to Teaching Yoga

At Yoga Shelter, we believe that each community member has the potential to become a leader, therefore we utilize our yoga teacher training program as a method to cultivate and inspire future leaders. In 2014, Yoga Shelter decided to make a significant change in its yoga teacher training program. In order to encourage an environment that inspires and uplifts new leaders, we needed to make yoga teacher training more accessible. By increasing the number of graduates, and shifting the training focus to the art and science of teaching, we were able to successfully update our program.

Yoga Shelter Yoga Teacher Training is located iFile_000n Southfield, Michigan. The training center is located on Evergreen and 696, 20 minutes from Detroit, 30 minutes from Grosse Pointe, and 25 minutes from Plymouth. This centrally located site allows individuals with life-work commitments the opportunity to attend our yoga teacher training in a night school program, while still being connected to their daily responsibilities. The shift to Southfield also cut out the need to travel away from life commitments for weeks at a time.

Yoga Shelter Teacher Training focus is on pedagogy, the method and practice of teaching. From Day 1, trainees begin learning how to teach in small groups, utilizing feedback from each other and their trainers. Yoga Shelter Yoga Teacher Training is usually from 10 to 12 weeks in duration. This time period allows trainees to observe and take yoga classes at Yoga Shelter, practice how to teach yoga, and improve their yoga teaching skills based on peer-feedback. Yoga Shelter’s Yoga Teacher Training provides trainees the opportunity to register with the Yoga Alliance as Registered Yoga Teacher 200-hours (RYT200) immediately after the program is over. The RYT200 certificate allows graduates to apply to jobs as yoga teachers across the country and worldwide.

Graduates of Yoga Shelter Yoga Teacher Training who are interested in joining Yoga Shelter’s team will go through a peer feedback and mentorship process.This process is crucial as trainees will learn the transition from trainee to teacher, acknowledging that we are always learning and growing. This mentorship process helps teachers and trainees foster connection, pass on knowledge, and uplift the trainee so they can be a leader in turn. Yoga Shelter has 5 locations in the metro-Detroit area and is well connected in the community. Therefore, we can provide graduates of Yoga Shelter Teacher Training more opportunities to teach yoga.

Currently, three graduates of the Spring 2016 Yoga Teacher Training joined Yoga Shelter as yoga teachers - Ashley Yono, Emily Shamma, and Kathleen Zintsmaster. Rebekah Reum of Fall 2015 Yoga Teacher Training has also joined our team as a teacher. Ashley, Emily, Kathleen, and Rebekah completed the move from Yoga Shelter Yoga Teacher Training to teaching yoga at Yoga Shelter in the past few months.. As Yoga Shelter Teacher Training grows and develops, we look forward to inspiring more great leaders like Ashley, Emily, Kathleen, and Rebekah in our Yoga Shelter community.  

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