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Yoga Rocks 60 Minutes 75 minutes 87 degrees Sweat Level 3

Yoga Rocks, is a dynamic series of sequenced postures that seamlessly “flow” together. This vinyasa inspired yoga class is designed to make you sweat, take off unwanted pounds and burn away toxins. If you’re looking for an eye-opening, fun-loving, high voltage, energetic yoga class, this is where you belong. Please understand that in every yoga class you move at your own pace. Come join in!

Yoga Rocks Bootcamp (YRB) 60 Minutes 90 degrees Sweat Level 3

Yoga Rocks Bootcamp (YRB) is the most dynamic, innovative challenging and unique fitness classes of all times. All four elements, Earth, water, fire and air are wrapped into one crazy-ass powerful workout with music that will keep you charged from beginning to end. Fire, water and air elements include a yoga flow with cardio twists and turns that will shape your body into its greatest form. The earth element will create a space of peace and clarity in your life so you can keep working towards living the life you want to live.

Fusion 60 Minutes 85 degrees Sweat Level 2

Fusion introduces a few different vinyasa flow sequences which are used to heat up the body. Slow Flow pace with a few extra twists and turns into is also incorporated into the practice. Essentially this is a blend between Yoga Rocks and Slow Flow. It’s perfect for the person that wants to flow some and hold some!

Slow Flow 60 Minutes 84 DegreesSweat Level 1

Slow Flow is for those looking to experience a physically slower moving yoga class. We will be holding postures that cover the entire body, and focusing on the breath which will help to create a supple and toned body. This yoga class is soft and smooth but always challenging.

Gentle Flow 60 Minutes 73 Degrees

A gentler version of our Slow Flow. It is less intense in terms of the physical movements with a lower room temperature that is more conducive for those affected by the heat. This class is perfect for newcomers and for anyone who wants to move their bodies without any strain.

Yin Yoga 60 Minutes 73 Degrees

Yin Yoga involves holding non-muscular poses for a longer period of time, delving into the connective tissues. This practice creates strength, openness and healing in the joints, ligaments and tendons. Practitioners will create a wider range of motion, more depth in postures and an increase in energy through Yin Yoga.

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