Yoga Shelter is a great place to connect with your practice in a deeper, more personal way. If you’re looking for additional time, days, teachers, etc, call us and we’ll help you set up a private yoga session with the teacher of your choice, or connect you with someone.


Private Classes

Yoga Shelter is so much more than a studio – it’s a place of community, friendships, fun, and a great place to create long lasting relationships. Contact us if your’e looking for something new and different to do! We’ve hosted many Birthday party activities for all ages and we’ll be able to set you up with a room, a teacher and whatever else it is that you need.


At Work 

Yoga Shelter at work is for individuals or small groups, for beginners or experienced yogis, to develop, grow, transform, and fine-tune their practice or develop a personal practice. Yoga Shelter At Work is about working mindfully in the midst of a chaotic professional environment

The benefits of Yoga Shelter At Work programs have include:

  • Mindful work environment
  • Improved staff productivity
  • Stress management
  • Precision & focus
  • Improved immune system, reducing sick leave. 
  • Increased motivation 
Workshops & Events at Yoga Shelter

Our many locations offer workshops throughout the year. Sign up for an event today!

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