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I came to YS in May of 2013 and never looked back. As my practice grew, so did my involvement with the yoga community. Being hired on as desk staff in Feb of 2014, and attending L/T Training the following April, there was no getting rid of me. I took on the role of Studio Director in our Royal Oak location a few months later and have grown so much. Now I am teaching yoga and using my musical talents around the community to spread love and light. Coming from a musical family, I have never been shy. I began my journey of self discovery around 18, by starting to show interest in ancient philosophy/texts and questioning my belief system. Deciding to become vegetarian 12 years ago and Vegan in April of 2014, I am very compassionate for the fellow beings on mother Earth. When I am not at the Yoga Shelter, you can catch me performing as a vocalist/keyboard player around the Metro Detroit area. My energy, dedication to being of service and thirst for knowledge, giving and receiving, is shown in my work. Let's continue to grow together.
My journey into yoga began my junior year of high school. Since then I have become a birth doula, yoga teacher, aerial arts enthusiast, and an avid collector of quotes (most of which I can paraphrase pretty well). My passion to teach comes from the desire to create a space in which others can connect, listen, and build a compassionate loving relationship with themselves. I strive to empower others and constantly spread love. I practice yoga both on and off the mat to work on the most important relationship I will ever have - my relationship with myself. It takes courage, trust, and a willingness to be a little uncomfortable at times, but I assure you it is the most important and fulfilling work we can do not only for ourselves, but also for others. I simply cannot wait to share this journey with you! Namaste :)

I found yoga half way through my undergrad at Wayne State University. For as long as I can remember I suffered from sever stress and anxiety. At the age of eighteen I was told I had extremely high blood pressure related to stress. I'd never really been the type of person to work out in a gym and after hearing about the number of benefits of yoga including reducing stress I figured I should give it a try.

After my first month of practicing I began notice subtle changes in my everyday life. It wasn't until I found the Yoga Shelter that I began to develop a consistent practice. Not only was my body growing healthier but so was my mind. I finally asked for a job at the Royal Oak studio because I knew that leaving my bar-tending job was the next step in truly changing my life. I have never been a part of a more supportive community than I was here, these people forgave me when I made mistakes and encouraged me to make better decisions. Most of all I made more friends than I had ever had before.

That year I decided to attend a RYT 200 training and it forever changed my life. As a philosophy major I began emerging myself in Vedanta, a spiritual philosophy that strengthened my yoga practice and understanding. It just made sense and gave me the knowledge to continue shedding unhealthy behaviors and relationships and develop a new connection with myself. My entire life I have searched for a way that I can help people and yoga has helped me find that within myself.

Now as a teacher nothing fills me with more joy then giving my students the motivation to challenge themselves physically and mentally both on the mat and off. Yoga has become more than a practice but a lifestyle, one that has allowed me to connect with a number of magnificent individuals. Yoga has improved my life more than I ever imagined and I can only hope to be able to share this practice with as many people as possible.

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