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Increase flexibility · Increase muscle strength and tone · improve energy and vitality · reduce stress, tension, and anxiety


Donna R - Our instructor was informative and friendly....she made me feel comfortable and was very patient.
Micheal B - Very comfortable and accepting. Comfortable for individuals at any level of talent or fitness.
Calli Borg- I like that the studio wasn't over crammed. The instructor seemed very tuned into the class. I'll be back Sunday and told at least 3 people so far how much I enjoyed it. I've been trying to find a today studio that fits my needs and I think I found it.
Marissa H- I personally like yoga shelter's recent changes. There is much more focus on adjusting positions to make sure you're getting the full physical benefits without the possibility of hurting yourself.
Melanie Carter - The staff is very welcoming & real. Classes are also well paced--adjusted to the feel of the room, yet still offer opportunity for challenge. I wish I would've been here before purchasing a package at another local yoga studio. I plan to come back when my budget allows.

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