Dedicate yourself to a yoga practice this year, and see the many benefits of yoga transform your life in just 31 days! See the transformation in your body and mind by embarking on the Yoga Challenge- 30 classes in 31 days.

1. Find Your Community
Meet at the participating Yoga Shelter communities, Birmingham, Royal Oak, Southfield and West Bloomfield (map)
 2. Sign up
Registration is $20. Sign up online here, or find a Yoga Shelter close to you to purchase in-studio. Make sure you have a valid class package to participate. Registration fee does not include yoga classes. 
 3. Receive your welcome package
* Welcome Gift- Yoga Challenge 2017 shirt
 4. Prizes!
* Your yoga challenge is the start of your 31 day journey, with surprises and motivations to guide you along the way. 
* Complete the challenge to get $20 credit towards goods or services. 
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* Participation is open to Yoga Shelter members. Not a member? Please contact us to find the membership that fits your needs.


Yoga has been practiced since ancient times. These days, when we hear the word yoga we think of the physical practice of stretching and relaxing. Yet, the physical practice is just one aspect of yoga. The word yoga means to "yoke" or to "unite," and the discipline aims to bring the mind and body into sync with each other. This is accomplished through the three main components of yoga: breathing, postures, and meditation.

Challenge yourself
Your breath will get you through your poses—even the ones you find most demanding. Stay in the position longer than you want to. Finding stillness of the body and stillness of the mind is the most challenging aspect of yoga. Holding the poses is often more difficult than moving and flowing.

You're stronger than you think
While practicing yoga you must learn to distinguish between discomfort and pain. If you do suffer actual pain from an injury then come out of a pose; otherwise, try to breathe through any discomfort. At times you will have intense sensations in your muscles—it is normal to have these feelings while holding a yoga pose. Your body is strong enough to hold the posture for longer than you think. By holding a yoga pose for a few extra breaths, you will begin to build inner strength. You will learn that you are stronger than you imagined.

Get healthier with yoga
Yoga carries many physical and emotional health benefits. By practicing yoga, you can improve your posture, balance, flexibility, and strength. You will build stamina and endurance while toning your muscles. Yoga helps with back pain and arthritis by lubricating the joints.