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Lead Teacher
It's amazing how life can change directions completely when you begin to do what you're meant to. I began teaching yoga the Autumn of 2014. Life beforehand was the usual ups and downs of a fun loving, soulful service industry Detroiter. Bartending was my main source of income. The other as a singer in a variety of bands, covers and originals. Both places I spent most of my time weren't very healthy. My life was the party. It wasn't taking me where I felt I needed to go. My spirit was in need of something more. I was ready for a change.
Yoga transformed my life in all areas. It has become my lifestyle. I have developed a plant-based diet, commitment to mental health, a daily yoga/meditation practice and making self-care a priority. Continuous work on myself keeps me honest and able to help you work through your own evolution in a safe space. I feel deeply connected to our community at Yoga Shelter. Throughout the past few years my passion for YS has been placed at every level of our company, finally landing in a lead teaching role and being a part of our Leadership Team. Among teaching all of our Signature Formats, I also teach Aerial Yoga, Floga, Kids Yoga, Workshops, Yoga 101, YTT, Co-Lead Retreats, offer private and group/private lessons, Yoga Parties and have a Mentorship Program. Inquire about any of these offers at woodman@yogashelter.com.
Hi! My name is Jessi and to me yoga has been a life saver. Literally. My journey into yoga started just as I was beginning treatment for my own mental health issues. I was afraid to know my true self, let alone accept that I had something innately wrong with my brain chemistry. But yoga taught me that true love with the self begins with just being able to follow the breath. It taught me to find calm in the whirlwind of thoughts. The Yoga Shelter is a place where I could go and feel welcomed no matter what kind of day I was having or where my mind was. It was, and is, a sanctuary. I am excited to be able to share my experiences and my journey with all who walk through the door and help facilitate their own journey to the self. The Shelter truly is a place where you can come as you are. I hope to see you in class. Namaste.
I began practicing yoga in 2000, and with consistent practice, began to let go of self-doubt, fear, anxiety, and negativity. By letting go, I was able to open myself to self-love, peace, joy, and life. My yoga practice began as a form of healthy exercise. I was suffering from lower back pain that I now realize was due to stress and anxiety. After my first class I experienced a breakthrough of letting go of suppressed feelings. I have found it to be such a life-changing experience that I wanted to share the gifts of yoga with others, and began teaching in 2004. My intention is to awaken in others the healing power of breath and movement, thereby opening our hearts and connecting with our spirit to gain a greater sense of freedom, acceptance, unconditional love, gratitude, and compassion towards ourselves and others.
I was introduced to the world of yoga a few years ago through the group fitness industry and have since been able to train with and learn from some amazing yogis and yoginis. In my years of teaching yoga I have seen what an immense impact the practice can have on so many people. I have been greatly impacted by my person yoga practice and have had the opportunity to see the amazing ways yoga has helped so many of the students that have sweat,cried and grown on the floors of my classes. I am so grateful to be able to continue to share my practice and grow this amazing community with Yoga Shelter! I can't wait to meet everyone!
Director of Student and Team Relations Teacher emily@yogashelter.com   Yoga helped me learn to love and accept myself, starting as a way for me to physically workout in a space that didn't leave me feeling insecure, and continuing as  a space where I can go to quiet my mind, work out my body, and have a deeper connection with myself. The fact that yoga is so accessible to all body types makes it the most beneficial physical, mental, and spiritual practice. I began practicing at Yoga Shelter in 2014, and loved the community so much that working here seemed to be obvious. Yoga Shelter helped me through the post-degree blues and confusion, and I've grown so much through this job. When I decided decided to take the Spring 2016 teacher training program, I was nervous, but gained strength throughout which gave me the confidence to teach classes. I hope that I can bring positive energy to all my classes, and that every time we meet in our studio spaces, we can be appreciative of this beautiful practice and community.
Yoga is the calm in my life, my inner strength, my patience, a gift I've given myself. Through the practice of yoga, I journey to my core, express my spirit and grow my soul. Pablo Picasso once said, "The meaning of life is to find your gift. The purpose is to give it away." By teaching yoga, I strive to give this gift away.
Yoga found me during my junior year of college were I was over-working, over-stressing, and over-running. I somehow found myself in a Vinyasa yoga class because it seemed to be gaining popularity and I figured I would give it a shot. After realizing how far away my toes actually were in a forward fold and trembling/shaking my way through my first pigeon, I realized that this "yoga thing" was no joke. As my perfectionist self, I was determined to get better at all of these poses and get into a headstand just as effortlessly as the girl on the mat in front of me. With time and lots of sweat, the poses because easier, but the most enlightening part was that my life did as well. All of the stress and work and fears and worries somehow left me when I came into those four walls and simply found a way to let go and be in the moment- working hard, yet accepting where I was all at the same time.

Six years later, yoga is a part of my life and I carry my yoga breath with me everywhere I go. I enjoy teaching others not only the correct postures, but enjoy seeing them leave with a smile on their face and a calm in their spirits that wasn't present at the beginning of class. I love bringing laughter, smiles, and challenge into my classes and look forward to making students feel at ease in our time together!

Director of Training & Retreats

Marty Time is an ERYT-200/RYT-500 yoga teacher and certified YogaMedics therapist. He has attended countless workshops and completed teacher trainings with Yoga Shelter, YogaMedics, and UpDog Yoga.

Now fifteen years into his practice, Marty has taught thousands of classes, hundreds of privates, and is in his fourth year of leading teacher trainings. Bringing a deep understanding of traditional yoga philosophies to his work, Marty has the ability to make the most complicated concepts accessible to his students.

Marty challenges those he works with to step out of their comfort zone and apply their growing knowledge of yoga to the exploration of everything from asana to life, helping students connect with their inner potential.
My journey into yoga began my junior year of high school. Since then I have become a birth doula, yoga teacher, aerial arts enthusiast, and an avid collector of quotes (most of which I can paraphrase pretty well). My passion to teach comes from the desire to create a space in which others can connect, listen, and build a compassionate loving relationship with themselves. I strive to empower others and constantly spread love. I practice yoga both on and off the mat to work on the most important relationship I will ever have - my relationship with myself. It takes courage, trust, and a willingness to be a little uncomfortable at times, but I assure you it is the most important and fulfilling work we can do not only for ourselves, but also for others. I simply cannot wait to share this journey with you! Namaste :)
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