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Vinyasa60 Minutes 75 minutes 87 degrees Sweat Level 3

Vinyasa is a dynamic series of sequenced postures that “flow” together. This vinyasa yoga class is designed to make you move, stretch, strengthen, sweat, take off unwanted pounds, and burn away toxins. If you’re looking for an eye-opening, fun-loving, high voltage, energetic yoga class, this is where you belong. Please understand that in every yoga class you move at your own pace. Come join in!

Fusion 60 Minutes 85 degrees Sweat Level 2

This class is for students who want a challenge at a slower pace and with a little less heat. Fusion is the perfect blend between YR HOT Vinyasa and Slow Flow. Fusion begins with a warm-up of Vinyasa flow sequences to heat up the body and prepare it for a series of longer-holding poses.

Ashtanga Short Form 60 Minutes icon-temp-85 icon-sweat-2

The Ashtanga Short Form class is an abbreviated version of the traditional Primary Series of Ashtanga Yoga created by Shri K. Pattabhi Jois.   This class links breath and movement to create physical and mental strength, focus, and stamina.  Ashtanga yoga begins with two warm-up flows, then moves on to invigorating longer-holding postures that students can modify to their own degree, and concludes with stretches to help create deep release in the muscles and connective tissues.  This class is faster-paced than Slow Flow, but slower than Vinyasa.

Slow Flow 60 Minutes 84 DegreesSweat Level 1

Slow Flow is for students looking to experience their yoga practice at a slower pace with the eyes closed. Deep breathing during a slow and mindful warm-up will prepare the body and the mind for longer holding postures that cover the entire body. This class focuses on using the breath to support the body through a series of postures that strengthen all of the major muscle groups. This yoga class is soft and smooth but always challenging.

Gentle Flow 60 Minutes 73 Degrees

This class is a much gentler version of our Slow Flow. It is less physically intense and has a lower room temperature that is more conducive for those affected by the heat. This class is perfect for newcomers and for anyone who wants to move their bodies without any strain.

Yin Yoga 60 Minutes 73 Degrees

Yin Yoga involves holding restorative, non-muscular poses for longer periods of time to gently stretch and lengthen connective tissues. This class creates strength, openness, and healing deep in the joints, ligaments, and tendons.  Students can create a wider range of motion, find more depth in postures, and increase stamina, energy, and equanimity through Yin Yoga.

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