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Shelter Strong (Vinyasa)60 Minutes 75 minutes 87 degrees Sweat Level 3

Our signature hot vinyasa style, in a heated room.  Have fun and empower yourself as you burn away the stress of the day.  Prepare to sweat and increase both stamina and metabolism, as STRONG is a challenging, dynamic cardio-intensive practice at a faster pace. Sequences of continuous “flows” provide the opportunity to deepen breathing and detoxify body and mind as heat builds from within.  Intelligent pose progression moves from basic to complex as we connect the movement to breath.  Cues to maintain focus on alignment and sound structure to help work every muscle safely, increase flexibility and strength in the body.  Students are led through a series of postures that “flow” together for a couple of rounds, then freedom is given to move and define your own pace, testing your own limits as you make your practice your own.  Find your power, explore your edge and still have a little time to rest.  

Shelter Synergy (Fusion)  60 Minutes 85 degrees Sweat Level 2

Our signature "power" yoga style is a fusion of Strong and Steady, ending with a little Still. By blending the detoxifying qualities of a vinyasa with the intensity of a slow burn we create an invigorating full-body flow where everybody can explore postures and principles while increasing strength and stamina. Start burning away toxins by generating heat with flowing Vinyasa movements of Ashtanga based Sun Salutations linked to the breath. Slowing down and stoking the fire with our breath, we focus on maintaining alignment and structural integrity with longer holds exploring standing, balancing, and even basic inversions. Confidently build endurance and increase flexibility, by aligning to the best version of yourself, working to explore the potential inside before recharging with a deep, relaxing savasana and stepping back into life outside.

Shelter Steady (Slow Flow) 60 Minutes 84 DegreesSweat Level 1

 Our slow-burn hatha style is a fully guided foundation-building slow grounded flow. Most forms of yoga in the West can be classified as Hatha Yoga. Hatha simply refers to the practice of physical yoga postures, meaning your Ashtanga, vinyasa, Iyengar and Power Yoga classes are all Hatha Yoga. Focused on going deeper into the breath, you are encouraged to keep your eyes closed on this inward journey, enhancing the ability to pay attention to feelings, and relax into your body even in periods of discomfort. Working to build endurance, we explore the balance of effort and ease using slower, cumulatively deeper pose sequences with longer holds designed to engage and strengthen not only the major muscle groups but to functionally integrate the entire body. In this slower yet challenging practice, within the boundaries and framework of personal individual expression, "everybody" is presented the opportunity to articulate both breath and posture. A longer Savasana rests and restores body and the mind.

Shelter Still (Yin Yoga) 60 Minutes 73 Degrees

Our yin style class is a simple series of restorative poses held extended periods of time. Attention to the breath gently stretches the body, and longer holds naturally allow a opening of the body deep into the connective tissues. Taking time to reflect and be in our body, we discover a depth and a greater range of motion, while appreciation leads towards a profound acceptance that comes through this practice of surrender and letting go. A long and luxurious Savasana will help to seal in the benefits of this healing and re-energizing class.
Yin Yoga involves holding restorative, non-muscular poses for longer periods of time to gently stretch and lengthen connective tissues. This class creates strength, openness, and healing deep in the joints, ligaments, and tendons.  Students can create a wider range of motion, find more depth in postures, and increase stamina, energy, and equanimity through Yin Yoga.

Ashtanga Short Form 60 Minutes icon-temp-85 icon-sweat-2

The Ashtanga Short Form class is an abbreviated version of the traditional Primary Series of Ashtanga Yoga created by Shri K. Pattabhi Jois.   This class links breath and movement to create physical and mental strength, focus, and stamina.  Ashtanga yoga begins with two warm-up flows, then moves on to invigorating longer-holding postures that students can modify to their own degree, and concludes with stretches to help create deep release in the muscles and connective tissues.  This class is faster-paced than Slow Flow, but slower than Vinyasa.

Wall Yoga 60 Minutes 84 DegreesSweat Level 1

A dynamic yoga class incorporating the wall to stretch the body, work on alignment, and build physical and mental strength. In Wall Yoga class, we move slow and controlled with deep breathing strategies to calm and focus ourselves. The heat is set at 84 degrees. Beginner and Advanced yogis are all welcomed. Many modifications are offered in this class to strengthen or nurture the body.

Gentle Flow 60 Minutes 73 Degrees

This class is a much gentler version of our Slow Flow. It is less physically intense and has a lower room temperature that is more conducive for those affected by the heat. This class is perfect for newcomers and for anyone who wants to move their bodies without any strain.

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